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Online Physio Consultation

Physiotherapy aims to facilitate and restore function and movement when experiencing an injury, illness, disability or surgery. KitePhysio uses a whole person approach looking at your health and wellbeing. This is initially achieved through a detailed assessment and followed by a tailored treatment plan. A Physiotherapist will assess your problem and then explain the issues and discuss the individual treatment plan. KitePhysio believes the first steps to recovery is to understand the problem and then what can be done to help you. The treatment will aim to improve your movement, function and relieve pain along side using the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

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Our aim is to help you empower your recovery through, understanding the problem, improving your movement, helping reduce the pain and improving your quality of life. Online consultations allow the Physiotherapist to discuss your symptoms and advise the next appropriate course of action. By taking a detailed history, asking you questions and functionally assessing your movement we will be able to advise and guide the best treatment approach.

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