Kitesurfing Screening

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Be proactive not reactive

Why Screen?

Early sports screening in kitesurfing is an attempt to identify any potential areas in your body which may be hindering your success and progress in the sport.  It aims to assess the quality of fundamental movement patterns in order to uncover muscle imbalance, reduced flexibility, core stability, neuromuscular control and balance. These areas have all been identified as injury risk factors and may be limiting your sport performance.

The integrated movement screening will assess your movement competency and ability to perform fundamental movements related to kitesurfing. The findings will enhance your understanding of your strength, mobility, stability, balance and highlight any movement dysfunctions or deficits which may be limiting your performance.


What's involved?

The screening involves two parts, a questionnaire to understand kitesurfing history, general health and any previous injuries. The second part is the active screening profile which will assess your upper limb, spine and lower limb range of movement, strength, flexibility, balance, jumping and landing skills using high quality researched tests used in Elite sports.

After completing the screening, the findings will be discussed and if areas have been highlighted, an individualised programme will be designed to focus on these specific areas to reduce injury risk and enhance training and sporting performance.