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About KitePhysio


About Kite Physio

KitePhysio launched in 2019 as a site to offer advice to Kitesurfers on helping unleash their true potential. Inspired by noticing the increasing numbers of kitesurfers reporting injuries and knee braces gracing the seas this fast growing watersport lacked information for kiters. With limited resources and research for kitesurfers to access, this site will aim to bridge this gap by offering information on developing on land Kitesurfing training with or without equipment.

Bridget is a Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience and a very keen kitesurfer. She graduated in the UK and since then has been working in various clinics treating amateur and elite athletes around the world. Her career started working in the London Hospitals where she developed her passion for working in outpatients and with sporting teams/individuals. Over the years she has worked at various International competitions (Olympics and European Championships) with various sports (GB Hockey, GB Gymnastics, British Judo, England Netball and RFU). With this array of sports and knowledge of how althletes develop from academy to senior programmes she understands the pressures and demands of sport on the individual and their lifestyle. She is a keen advocate for injury prevention and has an ongoing interest in enhancing rehabilitation. With this in mind she has created the first kitesurfing profile / screening programme for all to try.

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In 2014 Bridget embarked on her Masters in Sports and Exercise Rehabilitation and researched the factors influencing Kitesurfing injuries. At the time there was and still is a high abundance of kitesurfer’s wearing knee braces. It was then, she realised there was limited research to help develop this sport. Since then she has been been travelling to various Kite locations around the world looking at location safety, training regimes both on/off water, warm ups and profiling kiter’s at camps to help unleash their true potential and prevent injuries.


"As a keen kiter, I am continually learning and pushing my skills in the sport. Understanding the pressures and demands of the sport on the body is vital to successful training. As we chase the wind, our kiting locations vary and safety is paramount.  My plan of this site is to help kiters develop with ideas on how to stay fit for kitesurfing as I share my views on preparation and land training. I welcome your views and opinions and do not claim to have all the answers. As we continually push our limits in the sport I aim to share my experiences and locations as I send it."

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