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Kite Camps

Kitecamps are a great way to take out the stress of organising your next kitesurfing trip, meet like-minded people who want to start, progress and push their limits in Kitesurfing. With KitePhysio involved you will take your kitesurfing to the next level by learning how to optimise training, look after your body before/after kitesurfing plus have the safety of a Physiotherapist within the group when kiting especially in isolated destinations.

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With warm ups, mobility, body recovery and Pilates sessions as part of daily training you will be given tools to understand your body and reach your true potential. Take advantage of the first kitesurfing body screening to determine your movement baselines as part of an injury risk reduction strategy and optimise performance. With theory workshops and daily video analysis from the Team there is definitely no time for boredom as you reach your goals, enhance your knowledge and push your limits.

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